Criminal defense out of conviction.

Everybody has a strength – ours is criminal defense! As a highly specialized law firm in criminal law and white-collar crime, LAUDON || SCHNEIDER Attorneys at Law takes over defenses in criminal matters nationwide – personally, committed and unyieldingly.

Criminal defense is a matter of trust. Out of conviction.

Nowadays, professional and reputable criminal defense requires in addition to a specialized focus on the fine details of criminal law and criminal procedure law a high degree of perseverance, knowledge of human nature and life experience. True to our credo, we fight persistently and unyieldingly for the best possible outcome for our clients:

Everything is going to be fine in the end.
If it’s not fine it’s not the end.

It is your right to consult a lawyer of your choice at any stage of a proceeding – rather sooner than later. It is important to exercise this right, because the police and prosecutors are not allowed to construe this to your disadvantage.

At the stage of the preliminary proceedings, a good defense is particularly promising as this is where the foundation is laid for further proceedings. When you get in contact with us, we will be happy to discuss your options with you in an initial assessment.

Competence in white-collar crime and tax offenses

In white collar crime and tax offenses, we defend and advise private individuals as well as companies.

With our expertise, we stand by entrepreneurs, managing directors and board members in the defense of criminal cases. In addition, preventive advice on avoiding criminal risks, fines and recovery actions is becoming more and more important today. Another focus is the legal counseling of doctors in medical criminal law.

Among our clients are regularly people or companies who have been confronted with criminal law issues for the first time – for example, because an accusation is made against them or they have been harmed by a crime.

The aim of our work is therefore to intervene as early as possible in order to strategically direct the proceedings, to avoid bad publicity and to protect the reputation and further professional career of our clients. Our standards are at the highest level of quality, preciseness and effectiveness, in complex as well as in smaller cases.

LAUDON || SCHNEIDER Rechtsanwälte Strafverteidiger PartmbB is a legal partnership of the lawyers Mirko Laudon and Dr. Frédéric Schneider and is based in Hamburg.

Attorneys at Law and Criminal Defense Lawyers in Hamburg, Individual and Corporate Defense under white collar crime and criminal tax law.

You have the right to remain silent

In the case of an arrest, search, or confiscation of property the following applies:

Do not resist
Remain calm and offer no resistance!

Demand access to an attorney immediately and wait until my arrival!

Remain Silent
Don’t say anything! Don’t answer any questions! Don’t sign any documents!

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