Criminal Defense Attorney at Law

Criminal Defense

Attorney at Law Mirko Laudon is specialized in the field of criminal law and works as a criminal defense lawyer in Hamburg. He advises, represents and defends you when you are accused or suspected of committing a crime. Furthermore, Mr. Laudon can file a criminal complaint on your behalf, if you yourself are a victim of a criminal act.

Your Rights

In the case of an arrest, search, or confiscation of property the following applies:

Do not resist
Remain calm and offer no resistance!

Demand access to an attorney immediately and wait until my arrival!

Remain Silent
Don’t say anything! Don’t answer any questions! Don’t sign any documents!

If you are need of urgent assistance, call us (24/7) at +49 177 78 110 78


If you wish, we can arrange to have an interpreter present at the consultation.
This service costs an additional 80 Euros per hour.

If preferred, you may bring your own interpreter.


The fee for an initial consultation is 190 Euros (+ 19% tax = total of 226.10 Euros). For any further legal work, we will agree upon an hourly fee, unless I have been appointed by the court to be your attorney.

Law Firm Address

The law offices of Mirko Laudon are located:

Holstenwall 10
20355 Hamburg / Germany

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+49 40 2286 2287 0
+49 40 2286 2287 9
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